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Нож Fox Exagon Tactical

Артикул: OF/FX-1666TKR
Цена: 6.940 руб.
Статус: Товар имеется в наличии
Клинокstainless steel 440C
ТвердостьHRC 56-58
РукоятьAmerican Canvas Micarta green
НожныNYLON 1000D > with MOLLE system
Длина клинка14 см
Общая длина25 см
Толщина4 мм
Вес170 грамм
The EXAGON TACTICAL KNIVES series is a concrete response to the needs of those who have the need to always have a useful and reliable tool to be used in any situation, even the most extreme. The steel used guarantees good cutting edge and resistance to oxidation, the profile of the blade is simple but ensures and maximizes cutting performance. The handle scales are made with american canvas micarta giving excellent grip and at the same time a good handiness of the knife. The smaller blade versions articles 1666TK-FX and FX-1665TK offer the possibility to bring these knives not only on the belts, but also on the boots and in the forearm without hindering the movement of the operator.
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