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Нож Cold Steel Voyager X Lg.

Артикул: CS/29TXCH
Цена: 5.320 руб.
Статус: Товар имеется в наличии
Длина клинка5,5"
Толщина клинка4 мм
Общая длина12,25"
Стальяпонская AUS 8A Stainless w/ Stone Wash Finish
Вес~7.2 oz
Рукоять6,75" Long Grivory
Клипса (для кармана)Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip
Нож "Voyager X Lg." большой складной, клинок clip point, сталь AUS 8A, матовое покрытие, ½ серрейтор, рукоять грайвори, клипса Our Voyager series is the true "everyman" knife. Lightweight, comfortable, super sharp and appropriate in almost any environment - they are rugged, dependable and perfect for hunting and camping as well as general utility and daily cutting chores. The Voyagers can also readily fill specialty functions – excelling in many survival and rescue applications, they are very popular with Police and Military personnel, who appreciate the combination of cutting performance and safety that the Voyagers offer. There are very few knives in the world today that can compare to the Voyager. Ounce for ounce, far stronger than 99.9% of our competitor's folders, each knife in our extensive Voyager series is precision engineered and held to our most exacting standards. Our incomparable Tri-Ad® locking mechanism – which remains the most secure and shock resistant lock on the market today - safely protects your fingers from the Voyagers extra thick and extra wide razor sharp Japanese steel blades. A highly functional and ergonomically superior Griv-Ex™ handle (reinforced with heat treated 6061 aluminum liners) provides both great comfort and a secure grip even under extended use in tough conditions. Available in a wide range of sizes and with numerous blade and edge configurations, there’s a Voyager for everyone.
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