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Нож Cold Steel Talwar Serrated Edge 4"

Артикул: CS/21TTLS
Цена: 7.180 руб.
Статус: Товар имеется в наличии
Длина клинка4"
Толщина клинка4 мм
Общая длина9,25"
Стальяпонская Aus 8A Stainless
Вес5 oz
Рукоять5,25" G-10
Клипса/зажимAmbidextrous Pocket / Belt Clip
Нож Cold Steel "Talwar" складной, клинок - 4 дюйма с серрейторной заточкой, рукоять - G-10, клипса (для ношения в кармане или на поясе). During the 1800's the British Empire was hell bent on gobbling up as much of the Indian sub-continent as they could, seizing dominion with massive fire power and the point of the bayonet. But when the British attempted to subdue the Sikhs and other martial clans they received a very rude awakening! Suddenly soldiers and cavalrymen alike began literally losing their heads – not to mention their arms and legs- to a fearful Indo-Persian sword called the Talwar! With it's razor sharp broad, curved blade it stopped the British cold in many battles and inflicted unheard of losses and the most ghastly wounds imaginable. Now, almost two hundred years later Cold Steel has harnessed the fearsome cutting power of one of the world's most renowned swords in a tactical folder that we believe is truly worthy of the name Talwar. Designed by celebrated custom knife-maker Andrew Demko and Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson, the largest of our diverse new Talwar series boasts the widest blade available (measuring a full 2" wide!). Flat ground, with a continuously curved cutting edge from choil to upswept point it offers cutting and piercing power hitherto unavailable in a folding knife. To compliment the Talwar's razor edge and lethal point we developed a truly exceptional handle. Made from American G-10, it's textured and contoured pistol grip handle features strategically placed finger grooves for comfort and safety, and to further protect your precious fingers from this formidable blade, we have equipped the Talwar with our industry-leading Tri-Ad® lock. Tried and tested, this super safe locking mechanism has proven to be unequalled by any folding knife lock in the industry – at any price! Faster on the draw than any switchblade, our Talwar comes equipped with Andrew Demko's revolutionary ambidextrous thumb plate. By draw-snagging the knife on a pocket the awesome power of the Talwar can be in your hand at the speed of lightning!
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